About Us

The Flying Dress Experience has finally arrived in St Lucia. The introduction of the Flying Dress Experience in St. Lucia heralds an exceptional opportunity for individuals seeking memorable photoshoots adorned in exquisite dresses. Our specialty lies in providing both photoshoot services and dress rentals, catering to those with personal photographers. Our collection features free-size dresses available in a variety of colors. Committed to delivering a comprehensive experience, our team includes professionals dedicated to assisting clients with wardrobe selection and ensuring seamless wardrobe changes on location.

Our Flying Dress Rental service offers the flexibility of renting any dress from our collection for a 24-hour period and having the chosen dress delivered to a preferred location. Our team will adeptly manage the dress during the photoshoot, ensuring the creation of perfect shots. Additionally, we provide a  portable tent for convenient wardrobe changes. Clients can further enhance their experience by selecting add-ons from our comprehensive package.

Our objective is to facilitate the creation of unique and enduring memories in Saint Lucia, capturing clients at their best adorned in our remarkable flying dresses against the backdrop of the island’s most picturesque locations. Whether celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, love stories, proposals, or family occasions, we aspire to immortalize every special moment with elegance and finesse.